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Below the Knee
AKA Amputation
Knee Disarticulation
Ray Amputation
Toe Amputation

McElroy, C. A.;  Masih, S.;  McElroy, K.;   Gentili, A.

Using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) a computerized exhibit illustrating different type of lower extremity amputations was created. Using radiographs and diagrams common and not so common amputation levels are reviewed. Levels discussed include toe amputation, metatarsophalangeal joint disarticulation, 1st or 5th ray amputation (border ray amputation), central ray amputation, multiple ray amputation, transmetatarsal amputation, Lisfranc amputation, Chopart amputation, Symes amputation, below and above the knee amputation, and knee disarticulation. Imaging findings important in the selection of the surgical procedure are discussed. Indications, advantages, disadvantages, and complications of different amputation levels are reviewed.


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