Case TitleSource
FLUOROSIS OF THE LUMBAR SPINEFaculté de Médecine de Rennes


Porcar C, Bronsoms J, Lopez-Bonet E, Valles M: Fluorosis, osteomalacia and pseudohyperparathyroidism in a patient with renal failure. Nephron 1998;79(2):234-5.          [See related articles]

Soriano M, Manchon F: Radiological aspects of a new type of bone fluorosis, periostitis deformans. Radiology 1966 Dec;87(6):1089-94.          [See related articles]

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Related differential diagnosis

Generalized increased bone density in adults
Some conditions with periostitis of multiple bones
Fusion or bridging of the symphysis pubis
Conditions producing disc space narrowing
Generalized increased bone density in children

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