Desmoplastic fibroma


Bohm P, Krober S, Greschniok A, Laniado M, Kaiserling E: Desmoplastic fibroma of the bone. A report of two patients, review of the literature, and therapeutic implications. Cancer 1996 Sep 1;78(5):1011-23.          [See related articles]

Haney J, Olson PN, Griffiths HJ: Radiologic case study. The clinical and radiologic features of desmoplastic fibroma of bone. Orthopedics 1994 Jan;17(1):77, 80-5, 88.          [See related articles]

Crim JR, Gold RH, Mirra JM, Eckardt JJ, Bassett LW: Desmoplastic fibroma of bone: radiographic analysis. Radiology 1989 Sep;172(3):827-32.          [See related articles]

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