Expanding the Capabilities of an Electronic Teaching File Using the Internet

Steven M. Sorenson, MD
Jennifer A. Hill, MD
Karin Fu, MD
Elaine Chu, MD
Sulabha Masih, MD
Amilcare Gentili, MD

UCLA School of Medicine

A musculoskeletal fracture atlas was created using the resources of the Internet. Over 275 images and nearly 100 fractures have been indexed. In addition to the images, the exhibit explores how an online orthopedic textbook, relevant scientific literature, and related teaching files can be accessed. Also, the exhibit provides links to PubMed, a Medline catalogue to allow the user to search for additional references. Dynamic HTML is incorporated in the form of an electronic magnifying glass to further visualize each fracture.


Click on the link below to begin. On the main page, choose the anatomic area of interest by clicking on the appropriate part of the skeleton. Choose the particular fracture you are interested in by clicking on one of the links. Each image may be magnified by simply moving the cursor over the image. Or, you may enlarge the image by clicking on it. You may also use the Internet to view the related teaching files, orthopedic textbook, and PubMed.