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The Internet is growing at an explosive rate, from 130 web sites in June 1993, to over 2,200,000 in April 1998. Hundreds of Radiology web sites are now on the Internet. Some of these sites provide teaching material. The enormity of the material on the Web makes it impossible to view all the sites in a reasonable time period. In addition, the quality of these sites varies widely. We have attempted to review many of the most popular radiology sites, view the images, and evaluate them. Though evaluation is subjective, we have tried to set some objective criteria. We created a database of Radiology teaching files on the web including over 8000 cases from over 75 institutions. This database can be searched for total number of cases, number of cases divided in the 10 sections as the oral boards, depth of discussion, possibility to review the cases as unknown, case diagnosis, size and type of the images, availability of CME, cost per CME, and language. From the experience gained from viewing these teaching files we compiled a list of does and don'ts for teaching file authors. 

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